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Torie Proctor is the founder, lead event planner and consultant of A TOUCH OF CLASS CONSULTING . Torie officially launched A TOUCH OF CLASS CONSULTING  in 2016 after she had been planning intimate events for family and friends in the early 2000's. She decided to combine her artistic talents and business knowledge to professionally plan and manage all types of events and thereby coined the exclusive motto: “making your event with class.”
Torie plans, designs, coordinates and executes all destination and local events including, engagement parties, weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, just to name a few; by providing  clients  with  creative  and original event decor, expert planning and excellent service.
Torie and her team at A TOUCH OF CLASS CONSULTING enjoy working directly with their clients by personally overseeing the planning, coordination, designing and set up of their décor. From the first meeting to delivery, their innovative style and creative approach to every detail results in a stress free and successful event. A TOUCH OF CLASS CONSULTING has established an authentic reputation for professional service along with unique and exceptional products.
Torie’s background in business administration and finance sure to make any event she’s involved in an outstanding success. She is currently pursuing her BA degree to further her education while vesting herself with up-to-date knowledge to the advantage of her clients.

Torie is a force to be reckoned with in the events and business management industry. She is a woman who gives back to her community; she is a wife and mother of twin girls and step mother to two boys. She continues to be a great example to the younger generation; especially young ladies who struggle to find and follow their passion. Torie Proctor is simply put; a phenomenal leader.

Call today at 240-595-8402 or email me at toriebkkpr@gmail.com- your initial consultation is free!

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